Eduation and Training

Laws and regulations are ever-changing and intimidating. Our legal experts can make privacy laws and other relevant laws and regulations digestible.

In private law practice, our legal experts have assisted clients through multi-million dollar litigation and trials, employment disputes, human rights complaints, contracts, workers compensation claims, HIPAA complaints and more.

With Frontier HIT, our legal team will educate and train staff on important and relevant laws, to assure your practice’s compliance with the same. Through live seminars, we will provide you the information and insight to overcome the intimidation and worry about violations of law.

Welcome our staff to assist you in the revision of patient paperwork and forms, and review workflow and patient flow for best-practice advice. Engage us to speak to your staff in an educational and interactive seminar- to give your providers and staff tools to use when faced with difficult situations or privacy and HIPAA/HITECH compliance questions.