EMR Choices

The choices for Electronic Medical Records (“EMR’s”) are overwhelming. Some are software-based and some are cloud-based. Some are specialty specific, while others are designed for multiple practice types.

Practitioners should be mindful of the options that are offered with, or absent from each EMR. While many may appear similar, certain systems can offer practice management tools and efficient, streamlined billing along with the basic storage of your patients’ health records. The more practice management savvy EMR’s can help monitor and, in some cases, save the financial health of your practice. As such, the EMR commitment should be made wisely.

A well-chosen EMR will do more for your piece of mind and lifestyle than you can imagine, especially is you are still burdened with a paper chart system. The folklore of an EMR tells tales of costly I.T. expenditures, complicated note keeping and awkward, unintuitive programs. The reality is, some of those EMR’s exist, and some unfortunately are pervasive in the industry. But, as licensed physicians, we have experienced a positive transition with certain EMR’s. It is possible and easy to enjoy a practice of easy dictation flow and macro notes, E-Script usage, and real-time practice oversight of staff. Best of all, you can enjoy the ability to communicate with patients by use of a secure web-based portal (similar to e-mail) with the entire patient chart available to you at the click of a mouse, rather than by phone.

Imagine approving refills and answering clinical inquiries, all sorted and prioritized, at home, over your morning coffee, rather than spending late nights at the office sifting through a pile of charts, trying to discern urgent matters from routine. Less time involved with non-medical tedious tasks means more time tending to the patients’ issues. Consequently, more time for you.

Frontier HIT will assist your practice in making the right EMR investment.