EMR Project Management

Your professional and administrative staff is likely consumed with tasks involved in the day-to day operations of your medical practice, which is focused on the delivery of patient care. To impose the burden of another full-time business project over and above these daily demands would be daunting if not impossible.

As with any other industry, a large project needs a project manager- an individual who owns the responsibility for the timely completion of a large, multi-layered undertaking.

Our staff has taken practices successfully and efficiently through the implementation of EMR’s, to paperless status and “meaningful use attestation”. Depending on the choice of system, full EMR implementation including paperless status can be achieved within 90 days or less. We have been through the transition, and, through trial and error have found the best methods to follow during this time of transition so as to minimize interruption to patient flow and reimbursement.

Further, with our day-to-day support and training, your staff will learn to use the tools of the EMR to ease burdensome administrative tasks. With our guidance, practice owners will be pleased with the remote oversight available to them to oversee the quality and efficiency of patient care and the financial health of their practice.

Let our experience take your practice to a new level of efficiency and profitability.