Practice Management

Do you know the exact dollar amount in A/R? Do you know the average length of time your claims remain in collections as compared to the national average for other practitioners of your same specialty? Do you know if tomorrow’s first patient of the morning has rescheduled? Do you know the exact dollar amount, in cash, that your front desk has taken in for the past week? Can you access that information on a Sunday afternoon, from a laptop computer in your living room? Maybe not yet, but you certainly can.

Once you have transitioned to a well-chosen EMR, our staff can remain a practice business partner. We monitor such things as:

We will implement and adjust protocols for your practice to make the business of medicine run like a well-oiled machine. And, we can do this remotely, with only as much “face-time” as you wish. We will either supervise the staff for you or work directly with you. Either way, our involvement means less dependence on finding and paying for a highly skilled full-time employee to act as your practice manager.

All this, while you focus on the patient. And on yourself.